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The Preferential Procurement Element is the main driving force behind BEE Compliance. In effect any company wanting to prepare a BEE Scorecard will need to ask all of their suppliers for a BEE Scorecard. This inturn creates a massive marketing demand for a company with a BEE Scorecard.

How does it work?

Each company who goes through a BEE Verification is awared a level. That level is then claimed - only in a sense - on the BEE scorecard and the customer can earn some of their own BEE Points for their verification. Please see below for points to levels conversion.

BEE Scorecard - points to level rating table

Contribution Level Qualification
Level 1 Contributor ≥ 100 points
Level 2 Contributor ≥ 85 points but < 100 points
Level 3 Contributor ≥ 75 points but < 85 points
Level 4 Contributor ≥ 65 points but < 75 points
Level 5 Contributor ≥ 55 points but < 65 points
Level 6 Contributor ≥ 45 points but < 55 points
Level 7 Contributor ≥ 40 points but < 45 points
Level 8 Contributor ≥ 30 points but < 40 points
Non-Compliant Contributor < 30 points

How to use this table:

The codes only talk about levels, not points.

e.g.If you have earned 58 points on the scorecard, then your business wil be regarded as a "Level 5 BEE contributor". If you have less than 30 points you are "Non-compliant". 
Therefore any score higher than 30 points is a complaint company - the only difference is the level of compliancy.

When your customers ask for your score or details of your BEE compliancy, they are actually only asking for your LEVEL. 

Your Strategy!

In very simple terms the more suppliers you can get a BEE certificate from the better your score.


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